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wholesale warp knitted towel Application

Hand Free Mop Cloth

The humanized design of the self-contained washing bucket can wash, brush and dehydrate at the same time. The mop cloth can be washed three times, and the hair and dust on the mop……

Latest design nylon headbands Application

Cool Sports Towel

Many people bring a towel to wipe their sweat when they exercise, but the general towel becomes very heavy after being soaked in water, and it is already very tired. It is inconvenient and……

wholesale waterproof laundry bag Application

Kitchen Decontamination Sponge

Sponge wipe is a common dish washing tool in the kitchen of every user, but it’s wrong for you to only use it to wash the dishes. People’s role is great. Don’t underestimate this one yuan……

wholesale microfiber dry mat Application

Household Wet And Dry Mop

Mop, also known as mop and mop, is a commonly used tool for cleaning the floor. It is usually made of cloth strips or cotton yarn strips and rope ends tied to one end of a wooden stick……

wholesale car cleaning cloth 3m Application

Car Wash Coral Fleece Thickened Towel

1. First of all, the towel for cleaning the car should be soft and fine fiber as far as possible, so that the towel will not hurt the car even if it is used for a long time;2. Choose a towel that does……

wholesale cotton dust mop Application

Glass Cleaning Kitchen Rag

The dishcloths in the kitchen are usually greasy and difficult to clean. Some families do not have a good storage place. Most of them are still at the side of the pool or on the operation desk……



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