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Hand Free Mop Cloth

The humanized design of the self-contained washing bucket can wash, brush and dehydrate at the same time. The mop cloth can be washed three times, and the hair and dust on the mop are not left at all!

Moreover, the mop made of coral velvet clear sponge fabric has a strong cleaning and adsorption capacity. It is almost one-time to mop the floor, no matter the wood floor or the hair and dust of the ceramic tile, which saves time and effort;

What is rare and valuable is that the original 360 ° rotatable mop head has a total folding height of only 4.5cm. You can freely shuttle through the bottom of the furniture without bending. It is a good choice for partners with low back pain!

The cleaning bucket adopts the design of dry and wet separation. When cleaning, first clean the mop at the lower “wash” port, and then clean all the stained hair up and down three times!

After the cleaning is completed, dehydrate at the “day” port, and the water on the mop will be removed by more than 93% after the same up and down three times;

There is a piston design at the bottom of the bucket. After cleaning, just pull out the piston to clean the sewage without any effort;

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