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Floor Mop Series

Elevate your daily cleaning routine with our floor mop series, designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Our versatile range encompasses top-quality products like the cotton dust mop, renowned for its exceptional dust-trapping abilities, and the chenille mop, known for its superior absorbency. With the flexibility to handle any mess, these mops are suitable for all floor types, making them the ideal choice for homes and businesses alike. Enhance your cleaning practices with our floor mop series and experience the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness. Upgrade today and enjoy a spotless environment effortlessly.


Chenille Household Mop

The durable chenille mop is a cleaning tool designed to provide efficient and effective cleaning on a variety of surfaces. It features its classic two-tone spiral power mop with the gray part made of nylon. This unique design gives it excellent cleaning power, especially when dealing with small stains, and can achieve super strong stain removal effect.


Colorful Chenille Mop

The Colored Chenille Mop is an excellent cleaning tool that uses the most advanced materials and technologies to easily clean all kinds of floors, tiles, wood, marble and more. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very convenient to use.

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Cotton Sliver Mop

High quality cotton dust mop is the earliest cleaning tool. Cotton mop is a kind of mop that is used in many households. It is cheap, has a large mopping range and is very absorbent, so many households like to use it to mop land.


Customizable Cotton Dust Mops

The detergency and water absorption capacity of microfiber high quality cotton dust mop are obvious to all. However, its capacity is also limited. After a certain period of use, it will “mop dry” like a traditional cloth mop.

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Floor Mop

Durable cotton dust mop and sponge absorbent mop are the two most used ones. Among them, the sponge absorbent mop absorbs water faster and can clean local stains. For example, the children in the family are young, and after eating every day, there must be a mess under the table, with various traces.

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Long Fiber Floor Tow

There are two kinds of mops, high quality chenille mop is used to mop the floor, fiber cloth is used to clean windows and wall tiles and other places where dust is easy to accumulate, very practical!




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