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Kitchen Decontamination Sponge

Sponge wipe is a common dish washing tool in the kitchen of every user, but it’s wrong for you to only use it to wash the dishes. People’s role is great. Don’t underestimate this one yuan sponge wipe. It can play a different role to solve many problems in life. Today I’ll take you to see its magic.

Storage and use
Sponge wipes can be used as storage for pins and sewing needles for easy use.

Wipe the fan cover
Use a fruit knife to cut one side of the soft sponge horizontally and vertically at a spacing of 15mm, which can be used to take care of dense nets such as fan covers.

Cultivated plants
Soak the sponge with water, so you won’t have to water the flowers and plants for a long time.

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