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Microfiber Towel Products

Discover the ultimate in towel technology with our softspun Microfiber Towel products. Designed for performance, these towels will meet your everyday needs. Whether you’re drying off after a refreshing shower and tackling tricky cleaning tasks, products like our diamond weave cleaning cloth offer unrivaled absorbency, durability and versatility.

Bamboo Fiber Towel

The imitation silk fabric made of superfine fiber not only has the advantages of soft, comfortable, luxurious and elegant silk fabric, but also overcomes the disadvantages of easy wrinkle.


Car Cleaning Cloth

Cars are a big part of many people’s lives, and keeping them clean and spotless is a constant challenge. Car cleaning cloths have emerged as a must-have solution for many drivers, providing convenient and effective ways to maintain their vehicles’ pristine condition.


Chenille Car Cleaning Towel

How to use car towels to improve the efficiency of car cleaning has become the key. In order to save costs, some car beauty shop owners are easy to make some changes in the wash towels, which is very unreasonable.

China microfiber suede cloth manufacturers

Chenille Car Cleaning Towel

How to use car wipes to improve the efficiency of car washing becomes the key. You can choose high quality microfiber suede cloth car wash towels to improve the efficiency of car washing.


Chenille Household Mop

The durable chenille mop is a cleaning tool designed to provide efficient and effective cleaning on a variety of surfaces. It features its classic two-tone spiral power mop with the gray part made of nylon. This unique design gives it excellent cleaning power, especially when dealing with small stains, and can achieve super strong stain removal effect.

newest softspun microfiber cloth

Chenille Sponge MHC19040

Latest design chenille mop-chenille sponge, the outer slender chenille inner high-density hydrophilic molecular sponge design exhausts all possible means to absorb water from the chenille skin-friendly material, soft and soft fluff, soft to the touch The plump suede.




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