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Cool Sports Towel

Many people bring a towel to wipe their sweat when they exercise, but the general towel becomes very heavy after being soaked in water, and it is already very tired. It is inconvenient and cumbersome to carry everywhere.

And the dry towel can only wipe the sweat, which is not helpful for cooling.

Moreover, it has been used for a long time. The towel still smells of sweat and mildew. It is very unpleasant~

So is there a magical sports equipment that can not only cool down and wipe sweat, but also is very light?

If you like watching sports programs, you will surely find that many athletes, such as NBA stars, like to wear a towel specially for wiping sweat.

But this towel is not an ordinary towel, but a cool sports towel!

Its water absorption is very strong. No matter how much sweat you sweat in summer or during sports and fitness, you can dry it with a wipe!

And after it meets water, it can also cool down and cool down. To exaggerate, it can top half of the air conditioner, instantly cool the body and take away the dry heat of the body!

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