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MHC19005 Microfiber Warp Knitted Towel

MHC19005 Microfiber Warp Knitted Towel

Features of Excellent softspun microfiber cloth——no depilation, high-strength synthetic fiber filaments are not easy to break, and at the same time, the high quality warp knitted towel adopts the fine knitting method that does not snag or fall off, and the fibers are not easy to fall off from the surface of the towel. Its service life is more than 8 times that of normal towels.

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01.Product Name: MHC19005 Microfiber warp knitted towel

02.Product specification: size and color can be customized

03.Product material: 80% polyester 20% polyamide

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04.Product introduction:

Microfiber is a new type of fiber that has become popular in recent years. This fiber has a higher F value at the same denier. The fibers are finer. Due to this characteristic, it exhibits better water absorption and better hand feeling. Because people began to use this fabric in the fields of dry hair magic towel, durable dry hair cap, quick-drying shower cap, swimsuit, bath skirt, quick-drying bath towel, computer cleaning cloth, durable cotton dust mop, professional car wash towel, car wash towel, Tablecloths, men’s hair drying towels, women’s beauty cleansing towels, bath towels, eye cloths, baby dry hair sweat-absorbing towels, household cleaning towels, pet towels, floor mops, fancy yarns, mop ropes, mops, cleaning gloves, etc. Microfiber can be woven by knitting, weaving and other methods. In terms of types:

Raw materials generally include polyester microfiber fabrics and nylon polyester composite microfibers!




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