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ultrasonic wave towel

ultrasonic wave towel

Fiber Car Cleaning Cloth 3m

Fiber Car Cleaning Cloth 3m

Durable car cleaning cloth 3m is a special cleaning cloth specially designed for car detailing purposes. Made from a unique blend of microfiber materials for exceptional absorbency, softness and durability, it’s ideal for effectively cleaning and maintaining your vehicle’s exterior. In the automotive industry, towels made of microfiber (a synthetic blend of polyester and polyamide) are commonly used because of their superior cleaning properties.


Microfiber Drying Mat MHC19011

The high quality microfiber dry mat has a strong decontamination rate, does not damage the surface, and product is beautiful. Best for dry rubbing.the excellent microfiber dry mat makes drying floors and surfaces a quick and easy process, saving time and effort.




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