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glass cloths wholesale

glass cloths wholesale


Fiber Bologna Towel

Functional application of fine fiber the most remarkable feature of superfine fiber is that its single filament linear density is larger than that of ordinary fiber, and the maximum fineness can reach 0.0001dtex.


Chenille Car Cleaning Towel

How to use car towels to improve the efficiency of car cleaning has become the key. In order to save costs, some car beauty shop owners are easy to make some changes in the wash towels, which is very unreasonable.


Bamboo Fiber Towel

The imitation silk fabric made of superfine fiber not only has the advantages of soft, comfortable, luxurious and elegant silk fabric, but also overcomes the disadvantages of easy wrinkle.


MHC19019 Zipper Bag

Adopt the technology functional cold technology fabric, 3D three-dimensional process cold silk preparation!No matter hot water or cold water, it’s so amazing to shake it for 3 seconds after soaking!

ultrasonic wave towel

Ice Cold Sports Towel

High-quality sports cooling ultrasonic wave towel is a special towel specially designed to meet the unique needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts. It has been improved and optimized in terms of material, size, water absorption capacity, etc., making it ideal for sports-related activities.

MHC19005 Microfiber Warp Knitted Towel

The Great Pearl Cloth

Advanced printed muslin fabric, which has good hygroscopicity and dyeing performance. Compared with the previous polyester-cotton blended fabric, the rayon fabric has better hygroscopicity, and is superior in appearance and feel




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