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The Great Pearl Cloth

Advanced printed muslin fabric, which has good hygroscopicity and dyeing performance. Compared with the previous polyester-cotton blended fabric, the rayon fabric has better hygroscopicity, and is superior in appearance and feel



The detergency and water absorption capacity of microfiber high quality cotton dust mop are obvious to all. However, its capacity is also limited. After a certain period of use, it will “mop dry” like a traditional cloth mop.


Microfiber Weft Woven Towel

The company’s products can be customized according to customer requirements to sample production, the large quantity from the best. Product Name: high quality Welf knitting cloth


MHC19043 Microfiber Towel

The most common microfiber towel in the market (composition: Polyester 80% nylon 20% or polyester 70% nylon 30%) polyester is used for friction, and nylon polyamide is used for water absorption.


MHC19017 Microfiber Ice Feeling Towel

The high-quality cold snap towel is made of three-layer unique structure and 3D three-dimensional knitting technology and high-tech fiber fabric. The inner layer absorbs sweat from the skin’s surface for a dry finish.


MHC19014 Microfiber Suede

High-quality microfiber suede cloth, as the name suggests, its fiber diameter is very small, it is easy to fold or hang anywhere; the microfiber bath towel feels particularly soft, has strong cleaning functions, and is waterproof and breathable.




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Baisly Textile mainly products microfiber towels. microfiber gloves, microfiber sponges other microfilber products.