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Microfiber Drying Mat MHC19011

고급 극세사 드라이 매트는 제염력이 강하고 표면을 손상시키지 않으며 제품이 미려합니다. 건식 문지름에 가장 적합합니다. 우수한 극세사 건식 매트는 바닥과 표면을 빠르고 쉽게 건조시켜 시간과 노력을 절약합니다.


01. Product Name: MHC19011 microfiber dry mat

02. 제품사양 : 사이즈 및 색상 주문제작 가능

03. 제품 재질 : 80% 폴리에스터와 20% 폴리아미드로 만든 극세사 청소포

마이크로 화이버 타월

04. Excellent 마이크로 화이버 드라이 매트 introduction

Excellent microfiber dry mat has a strong decontamination rate, does not damage the surface, and the product is beautiful. It is most suitable for dry wiping. The dust collection and dust storage of microfiber wiping cloth are 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary products, and the secondary pollution is also 4-5 times lower than that of ordinary products.

In the markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States, the spunlace wiping cloth produced by the spunlace process has become the new favorite of the market. The fiber of the wiping cloth obtained by the spunlace process is thinner and has more excellent water absorption performance, and the water absorption capacity can reach 8 times its own weight.

소프트스펀 극세사 천 is also a high-quality cloth for making towels because of its super water absorption, super decontamination, easy cleaning, no lint, no bacteria, and no damage to the surface of objects. At the same time, the polymer fiber will not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fiber. Even if it is not exposed to the sun after use, it will not be moldy and rotten, and has an extremely long life. In addition, the strength and toughness of superfine fiber are high, so its service life is more than 4 times that of ordinary towels. The concave convex lattice shape of towels and the surrounding fabric strips are integrated, which is both beautiful and practical.

05. Excellent microfiber dry mat features

Functional application of fine fiber the most remarkable feature of superfine fiber is that its single filament linear density is larger than that of ordinary fiber, and the maximum fineness can reach 0.0001dtex. The sharp reduction of single filament linear density determines that superdimension has many characteristics different from conventional fibers, such as silky softness, smooth feel, soft gloss, small bending rigidity, and easy to bend; The surface fiber of the fabric is fine and soft, with good drapability and soft feel.

섬유 사이의 간격이 많고 밀도가 높기 때문에 모세관 기능을 사용하여 직물이 우수한 수분 및 기름 흡수 성능을 얻을 수 있으며 직물은 높은 세척 및 오염 제거 능력을 갖습니다.

Because the fiber linear density is very small and there are many voids, the microporous structure is formed. The voids in the microporous fabric are dense and many, and the fabric is super dense, light, waterproof, and moisture permeable.

The microfiber has many fine pores between the microfibers, forming a capillary structure. If it is processed into a towel fabric that can be Excellent microfiber dry mat, it has high water absorption. The washed hair can quickly absorb the water with this towel.

섬유 선밀도가 매우 작기 때문에 직물의 공극이 미세하고 많으며 미세 다공성 구조를 형성하고 표면에 보풀이 더 많습니다. 직물은 땀과 습기 전도가 좋고 열 보존 및 내마모성이 우수합니다.

Excellent microfiber dry mat products have many extraordinary properties and are widely used in many fields. Among them, the most important application field is the clothing industry. Modern clothing has entered an era of winning with materials. The use of new-type fabrics can greatly improve the added value of clothing.

제품 특징

  • DRY FLOORS AND SURFACES: The excellent microfiber dry mat is designed to dry floors and surfaces quickly and efficiently, keeping them clean and dry.
  • Absorbs Moisture and Stains: The mat’s ultra-absorbent microfiber material is perfect for absorbing water and stains from floors and surfaces.
  • Reduces slip hazards: Helps reduce slip hazards by quickly drying floors and surfaces so they are safe to walk on.
  • VERSATILE: Versatile and can be used to dry floors and surfaces in a variety of settings, including homes, offices and commercial spaces.

Product advantages:

  • Saves time and effort: the excellent microfiber dry mat makes drying floors and surfaces a quick and easy process, saving time and effort.
  • Efficient: The mat’s ultra-absorbent microfiber material allows it to efficiently dry floors and surfaces.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: The durable and long-lasting material of the mat makes it a cost-effective solution for dry floors and surfaces.
  • SAFE TO USE: Microfiber dry mats help reduce slip hazards by quickly drying floors and surfaces, making them safe to walk on.


Microfiber dry pads are ideal for use in homes, offices, and commercial spaces. It can be used to dry floors and surfaces such as hardwood, tile, and laminate. It is also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens where water and stains are common.


Microfiber Drying Pads are a must-have for anyone looking to dry floors and surfaces quickly and efficiently. Its high-quality materials, super-absorbent properties and cost-effectiveness make it the ideal solution for drying floors and surfaces in a variety of environments. The mat is safe to use and reduces the risk of slipping, making it a valuable addition to any cleaning routine.

Plus, it’s an eco-friendly choice as it can be washed and reused multiple times, reducing waste and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial cleaner, or someone who wants to keep floors and surfaces clean and dry, microfiber dry pads are a reliable and efficient solution that will help you save time and effort. Try it today and experience its impact on your cleaning routine.

Different types of excellent microfiber dry mat

  • Flat Microfiber Mop: This type of dry pad is designed for use with a flat mop head, making it ideal for cleaning large areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Microfiber Dusting Mop: This type of dry pad is designed for dusting and sweeping floors. It is highly absorbent and picks up dirt and debris easily.
  • Microfiber Floor Mat: This type of dry mat is designed to be used as a floor mat to absorb water, dirt, and debris from your shoes, preventing them from being carried into the house or office.

Either type, a valuable addition to any cleaning kit, providing a quick and easy solution for drying floors and surfaces.



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