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MHC19044 シェニールスポンジ

Newest softspun microfiber cloth is the first choice for car wash towels. Why? Compared with cotton, linen, suede, and bamboo fibers, microfiber towels are softer and more absorbent.

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01. Product Name: mhc19044 microfiber coral wool towel

02. 製品仕様: サイズと色はカスタマイズ可能

03. 製品素材: 80% ポリエステルと 20% ポリアミド製のマイクロファイバー クリーニング クロス


04. 製品紹介:

super fiber towel is preferred for car washing towel. Why? Compared with cotton, linen, suede and bamboo fiber, microfiber towels are softer in texture, stronger in adsorption, less prone to hair loss, no major problem in dry and wet storage, convenient for storage, less prone to bacteria and mold hardening, and lower in price. Therefore, it is more popular with consumers.

05. 製品の特徴:

Car wash towel newest ソフトスパンマイクロファイバークロス strong water absorption
The water capacity is not only softer and more breathable, but also the towel has less hair loss in daily use, does not fade, and is easy to clean. It can better absorb the dirt between the fibers, and only needs water or detergent to clean after cleaning.

Microfiber car wash towels are made of specific fibers and are usually used in car beauty. There are many kinds of microfiber car wash towels. Before using microfiber car wash towels, you should know how to use them best. In fact, ordinary rags or wipes may scratch your body or scratch your paint. Many professional car beauticians are now using microfiber towels to clean and wipe cars.

06. アプリケーションシナリオ:

microfiber towel is suitable for car cleaning, dust wiping, car washing, etc. it can quickly dry water stains. Wide range of application, in addition to car washing, it can also be used for household use.






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