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Microfibers are mainly composed of polyester and polyamide. Different wiper functions can be realized by adjusting the ratio of the two. Polyester fiber is very soft and easy to slide during scrubbing without leaving scratches. Polyamide provides water absorption and elasticity for towels and can better absorb water or excessive chemicals. The fiber fineness of the microfiber towel can reach 1 / 20-1 / 100 hair, so it has strong adsorption. When wiping the surface of the object, more and more dust and particles can be removed, more water can be absorbed, and the cleaning effect is cleaner.

Why clean microfiber towels?
After using the microfiber towel, although the naked eye can see the fluffy towel, its microstructure has been filled with tiny dirt or pesticide residues. If it is not cleaned in time, there may be a lot of harm. For example:
1. Dirt particles of towel scratch the paint surface;
2. The adsorption capacity of the towel becomes poor;
3. Excess chemicals on the towel return to the paint surface;


Clean with detergent. If there are obvious stains or residues, the surface shall be pretreated by normal methods. Then put the fiber towel in the washing machine and separate it from other paper towels. Then, add 2-4 ounces of towel cleaner to the washing machine according to the quantity.

Cleaning taboo!
1. Bleach and softener are not allowed to be used during cleaning. They can shorten the service life of microfiber towels and leave a layer of non absorbent coating on the surface, which will affect the friction effect;
2. Do not machine wash with other clothes. The microfiber towel will absorb the wool on the clothes and affect the use effect; In addition, the residual medicine is not good for clothes;
3. After cleaning, it should be dried or placed in a cool place. Do not iron or expose to the sun.





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