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Microfiber Suede MHC19014

Chiffon en daim microfibre de haute qualité, comme son nom l'indique, son diamètre de fibre est très petit, il est facile à plier ou à accrocher n'importe où ; la serviette de bain en microfibre est particulièrement douce, possède de fortes fonctions de nettoyage et est imperméable et respirante.


01. Product Name: microfiber weft knitted towel

02. Spécifications du produit : la taille et la couleur peuvent être personnalisées

03. Matériau du produit : polyester 80%, polyamide 20%.

serviettes en microfibre

04. Durable microfiber suede cloth introduction:

Durable chiffon en daim microfibre, as the name implies, the fiber diameter is very small, so it is easy to fold or hang anywhere; The microfiber bath towel has a particularly soft feel and has a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect. The microfiber suede cloth has many fine pores between the microfibers, forming a capillary structure. Once it contacts water, it will immediately absorb water into these capillary structures, with excellent water absorption. The ultra-new fiber is also characterized by its ultra light weight. As long as it is wrung dry after absorbing water, its weight will be about 50% lighter than the cotton bath towel that is also wrung dry, and it is easy to carry.

Durable microfiber suede cloth is a new type of fabric, made of imported DTY softspun microfiber cloth. Compared with other textiles, it has obvious advantages: soft, delicate, no lint, no fading; and because the fiber fabric is soft, it can fit closely with the object to be wiped, and the cleaning effect is better.

1. The average annual consumption of towels in European and American countries is more than 250g, while that in China is only 50g;
2. According to scientific data statistics, the number of towels used per person per day should be 4-5. They are small towels for face washing, foot washing, bathing, and daily personal maintenance, and female friends also need to add one personal physiological towel;
3. Home textile experts give that the reasonable use cycle of a towel is about 3 months. The acne on your face and the odor of the towel may be caused by your long-time failure to change the towel;
4. As for towel knowledge, Xiaobian still has a lot of knowledge.

Les attributs

MHC19014 Microfiber Suede is made from soft spun microfiber cloth and is known for its superior cleaning ability. The unique texture of the suede fabric ensures that it is both durable and long lasting, making it the perfect addition to any cleaning kit. The fabric is also machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain.


MHC19014 Microfiber Suede is designed to efficiently clean surfaces without leaving any streaks or residue. The soft-spun microfiber cloth absorbs even the smallest particles of dirt and debris, making it ideal for cleaning fragile surfaces such as glass and electronics. The unique texture of the suede cloth also makes it ideal for polishing and buffing surfaces to make them shine.


One of the main benefits of MHC19014 microfiber suede is its superior cleaning performance. Unlike traditional cotton cloths that leave streaks and residue, this suede cloth is designed to thoroughly clean surfaces without leaving any marks or streaks. Its soft-spun microfiber cloth is also gentle on the surface and safe to use on a variety of materials.

Another advantage of MHC19014 Microfiber Suede is its versatility. Whether you are cleaning your home, office or car, this suede cloth is up to the task. Its superior cleaning ability makes it the perfect multi-purpose cleaning tool.


MHC19014 microfiber suede is suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are just a few examples:

  • Cleaning glass and mirrors – Use the suede to clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Its unique texture ensures that even the smallest particles of dirt and debris are absorbed, leaving surfaces clean and streak-free.
  • Clean electronics – Use the chamois cloth to clean computer screens, televisions and other electronics. Its soft spun microfiber cloth is gentle on the surface and safe to use on delicate equipment.
  • Polishing Furniture – MHC19014 Microfiber Suede is perfect for polishing and buffing furniture to make it shine. Its soft texture ensures no scratches or damage to the surface.
  • Automotive Applications – Use the suede cloth to clean and polish the exterior of your car, or to wipe down dashboards and other interior surfaces. Its superior cleaning ability makes it ideal for removing surface dirt and grime.



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